Unfolding in Front of Me

After traveling to drop our son off at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp where he was going to be on staff for the summer my wife and I decided to visit The Ohio State Reformatory (OSR), also known as the Mansfield Reformatory located in Mansfield, Ohio.  What an amazing photographic opportunity this presented as we took out own self-guided tour.  There are several stories about this being one of the most haunted places in Ohio where they hold an annual event from late September through the end of October.  We did not experience any unusual activity while we did our tour.  However, the whole experience was amazing as the breadth of subject matter just unfolded in front of me.  I decided that these were best portrayed in black and white as there were so many tones to capture in each spot that I found to shoot.  I hope that you enjoy this series of images as I shot them purely for my personal enjoyment and to share my vision of this place with you.