Riding the Bowl

A part of the Centerville-Washington Park District is the Oak Creek South Skatepark which has been the second home of my son Cavanaugh since he was about 13.  His current Instagram profile states:  Dayton, Ohio is home - Ohio Dreams is where summer is - Fall is spent in the woods - Winter is spent indoors.  You can find him in any number of locations in Kentucky and Ohio riding any time of year.

I love the implied motion with these two images.  The concrete is amplified when converted to Black and White, bringing out the hidden textures and patterns, instead of it's typical light yellowish-gray color.  This greater impact overall helps to make some striking images of Cavanaugh riding.

Riding the Bowl, Study No 1 – Centerville, Ohio – 2015

Riding the Bowl, Study No 2 – Centerville, Ohio – 2015