Tangere Caelum Study

Mother nature provides such a variety of subjects for artists of all types.  Throughout history, artists and philosophers have long meditated on the sky as a theme.  The variety of these themes are endless and timeless, which is why I have chosen the Latin language for the title of this image:  "Tangere Caelum" or "To Touch the Sky."

The sky has also had important religious significance throughout history to all people.  Various religions of the world have had numerous names for the various aspects of what occurs in the sky.  It also represents various ideas and weather phenomena that people have both been terrified of or have marveled in awe over.  Some of these concepts and conditions are: breath, clouds, constellations, crops, fertility, harvest, heaven, lightning, rainbows, storms, thunder, and the wind.  This constant change of the sky has provided its allurement to me, so through my photography, I am able "tangere caelum".

Tangere Caelum, Study No 1 – Dayton, Ohio – 2014