My Story

We all learn to speak at different ages, in different parts of the world and in many different languages.  As a result of taking numerous images with my Instamatic camera, I learned to speak visually at a young age.  As I matured, so did my aspiration to learn all I could and to refine my language and technique.  Eventually photography became a full time career after graduating from the Ohio Institute of Photography (OIP) in 1985.  I was most interested in composing portraits of people; I worked as a wedding and portrait photographer.  During this time I enjoyed what I did and strove to deliver impeccable photography to my clients.

Kevin Sholder Portrait

Just as life changes, so do our goals and circumstances.  Today my career has taken a turn from primarily portraying people to mostly spaces and objects.  I work not only to simply discover the beauty of a subject, but in finding new ways to interpret my vision.  Nevertheless, showing something unseen, that is clearly a part of my vision, for you as the viewer to discover.

The world speaks in 1,994 languages, but sees in only the universal language.
— International Photographic Council, circa 1978


Showing something unseen.  Simple beauty.  Creating a different vision.  Photography holds so many wondrous opportunities for everyone to enjoy.  I take great pride and satisfaction in hearing the comments of the viewer.  It’s the gratitude in their eyes.  It’s the smile that lights up their face.  It’s the way their eyes study the details and search for more.  My passion is not only to simply discover the beauty of a subject, but to bring it to life in a new and unexpected way, awaking the memories that you will never forget.

The business of life is the acquisition of memories and in the end, that is all there is.
— Downton Abbey