Color images have a language that speaks to me differently than my black and white images, yet with equal passion, desire and fortitude.  This feeds my desire to create images that are powerful and distinctive to share with you, waiting for you to discover what aroused these emotions in me while I was creating a particular image.

Color is everywhere and nowhere, while we see it every day, do we really understand what it conveys?  To me…  Color is bold.  Color is filled with fun.  Color is serene.  These emotions are what I work for when I make a color image.  I spend a lot of time and effort searching out times and places where these conditions gradually blend together to accentuate and provide an underlying emotional relationship between myself, the subject and you, the viewer.

To do this, I am usually out at a location before the first rays of sun touch a scene, waiting for that wondrous moment to become known, so I can remember it forever.  Color can be lonely.  Color can be whimsical.  Color can be distinctive.  This is why creating color images also takes a lot of patience, planning, and waiting.  Most people have never experienced the colors I photograph; as I hear the tree fall in the forest and I also see.

Be still with yourself until the object of your attention recognizes you - then you don’t leave until you have captured its essence.
— Minor White