The essence of my black and white images are personified by some basic characteristics, which I tend to use in various combinations to achieve the end result of my mind’s eye.  First, I like to make images that break down a subject to its most interesting and simple features.  As a portrait photographer, I have over the years created images to accentuate these features through the use of lighting, composition and view point.  This helps create a greater sense of depth and dimension within the subject as well as the image, whether it is a simple individual subject or a sweeping pictorial.

The art of creating a black and white image that is thought provoking and passionate relies on tone and texture that take the place of color and hue to bring out the strengths of the subject.  This technique is also used to help minimize the background, thereby accentuating and drawing the eye into the image, to help recognize other patterns and shapes that result in pulling the viewer’s attention to the subject.  These are some of the traits that I consider when shooting my subjects, providing a unique level of understanding that you may not have seen before.

The craft of black and white photography has taken me years of studying, teaching, printing and creating images to grasp the depth at which the simple notion that two colors can be powerful, graphical and meaningful at the same time.  This has allowed me to become increasingly passionate about the art of black and white photography.  The black and white image is so very simple, and yet it can also be very intricate as well.  It enables the viewer to have and feel distinct emotional responses and to sometimes wonder in awe, pushing one to discover a unique level of elation.

If you’re photographing in color you show the color of their clothes – if you use black and white, you will show the color of their soul.
— Anonymous